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LYCRA® fibre information

At Berlei we are constantly looking for, and using, new innovations and techniques to improve our lingerie and our sportswear.  LYCRA® fibre provides various benefits that does just this. Several style in our collection use LYCRA® fibre, and whether it's for sportswear, shapewear or swimwear, we're providing the best technology designed to maintain the life of your product and to keep it performing as it should do, time and time again!

LYCRA® freshFX® fabric delivers the promise and moisture wicking and quick-drying comfort by utilizing the efficient evaporation performance of X6300 nylon as well as other nylon fiber technologies.

LYCRA® freshFX® fabric makes an ideal choice for a range of intimate apparel applications that are soft, flexible, and keep wearers feeling cool and comfortable all day long.

Used in: 
Berlei Sport Fresher Bra and Short.


Lycra® Sport Logo

The remarkable stretch and recovery properties of LYCRA® fibre enhance all fabrics and garments in which it is used, adding easy comfort and freedom of
movement, and improving fit, shape retention and durability.

LYCRA® fibre can be stretched up to 7 times its initial length, yet springs back to where it started. and thereby improves the fit and shape retention of garments.

LYCRA® fibre's remarkable properties of stretch and recovery enhance garments in which it is used, adding comfort and freedom of movement.

Used in: 
Berlei Sport Fit Crop Top.

Did you know: Our Fit Crop Top won gold in the Women's Running Sports Bra of the Year 2013 and bronze in 2012! 


Lycra® Xtra Life Logo

A good fitting  swimsuit is a key requirement for poolside confidence, and therefore it is crucial for
the fit of the suit to be maintained wear after wear.

The typical swim environment  of chlorine, sunscreen, and heat, can make swimwear fabric quickly break down,
causing the suit to go “baggy and saggy ” and the fabric to go see-through.

 LYCRA swimwear postcard information


Tests prove that when fabric breakdown starts, it doesn’t stop. Damage occurs between wear and with repeated use.

XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fibre resists fibre breakage and loss of fit caused by the typical swimwear environment 
of chlorine, sunscreen and heat.

XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fibre resists degradation up to 10 times longer than ordinary elastane.

XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fibre  - for a lasting, gorgeous fit that is UNSTOPPABLE.


Did you know: Our Aqua Trek Crop Top won silver in the Women's Running Sports Bra of the Year 2013! 


Lycra® Beauty Logo

To design shaping garments to meet increasing customer expectations, means that fabric selection is critical.

LYCRA® BEAUTY fabrics meet demanding performance standards that are based on a scientific understanding 
of the technology of shapewear. They are designed to deliver both comfort and improved shaping performance.

For sculpting, smoothing, comfort, style, quality and confidence – LYCRA® BEAUTY fabric is the secret asset to 


Berlei Beauty Slim Shapewear Berlei Beauty Slim Shapewear in Chantilly

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LYCRA® is a trademark of INVISTA.