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Fitting Advice

Measuring Yourself for a BraBerlei Lingerie Bra Measurement and Fitting Advice

For a comfortable bra that gives your figure the right support, it’s very important to buy a bra that is the correct size – a bra that doesn’t fit correctly is not worth wearing!

Your bra size may change throughout your life due to different factors such as weight change, pregnancy, age and medication so it’s worth checking to make sure that your bust has the support it needs!

To find your correct bra size you will need to take two measurements – bra size and cup size. We recommend wearing a non-wired and non-padded style to get an accurate reading.

Underbust Measurement

To find your bra size – place a tape measure firmly around your chest and let it rest just under your bust, making sure that the tape is lying straight across your back. Pull it snug but not too tight – it shouldn’t cut into your skin.

Make note of your measurement in inches (e.g. 32”). If your measurement in inches is an even number, add 4 inches. If your measurement is an odd number, add 5 inches. The final figure gives you your back size.

Working out Your Cup Size

To find your cup size – place the tape measure around your chest, but this time let it rest on the fullest part of your bust (overbust) – not forgetting to keep the tape lying flat against your back.

Make a note of your measurement in inches, and to find your correct cup size, use the figures provided below. Subtract your final underbust measurement from your overbust measurement and the difference will give your cup size:

For example:

If your overbust measurment is equal to your underbust measurement +2 inches then you are a C cup.

   Difference Between Under & Overbust Measurements Cup Size
   The Measurements are the Same A
   Underbust + 1” (or 2.5cm) B
   Underbust + 2” (or 5cm) C
   Underbust + 3” (or 7.5cm) D
   Underbust + 4” (or 10cm) DD
   Underbust + 5” (or 12.5cm) E
   Underbust + 6” (or 15cm) F
   Underbust + 7” (or 17.5cm) FF
   Underbust + 8” (or 20cm) G